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Rugby : Drone Analysis for Rugby training.
Since the beginning of the Top 14 season, coaches and players only swear by him : To film their workouts, the ASM club has a drone, which became over the months valuable assistance for video analysis of the Auvergne training. The machine allows a very detailed analysis of game footage and movements of the players.

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ASM rugby team did acquire a new training tool, a air shooting Drone solution from MALOU company - TV reportage France 3 Auvergne.
"ASM rugby team did acquire a new training tool, a Drone solution from MALOU company, to film and analyze the different patterns tactics, to have an overview on them and to thwart to any defensive deficiencies."


ASM CLERMONT chose the technological solution integrated by MALOU UAV to define a new tool for training.
"A new technological tool in sports that will, in time, not only provide a powerful picture quality but analyze the positioning of players on the field, in real time."